Plan B Pill Review

Plan B Birth Control Pill
Plan B Birth Control Pill

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Plan B is FDA-approved an emergency contraceptive pill, is also known as morning after pill that can still help prevent unwanted or unplanned pregnancy after contraceptive failure, unprotected sex or sexual assault. FDA has approved the sale of Plan B Pill over-the-counter (OTC) in August 2004. It should be taken within 72 hours i.e 3 days of unprotected sex to get the benefit of Plan B pills. Sooner it is taken is better. However, it is not the abortion pill and should not be taken if you are already pregnant. Plan B birth control pill does not protect against HIV infection or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

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How Plan B works?
Plan B Pill have two main following ingredients.
Active Ingredients: Levonorgestrel (0.75mg) (Emergency Contraceptive)
Inactive Ingredients: Colloidal Silicon Dioxide, Corn Starch, Gelatin, Lactose Monohydrate, Magnesium Stearate, Potato Starch, Talc

It works in the similar fashion like other birth control pills. It stops the ovulation i.e release of an egg from ovary and even the fertilization of an egg ie sperm can not be united with egg at all, hence there will be no pregnancy. Plan B also restricts an egg attaching to the uterus. It will, however, not work with already fertilized egg.

How to take Plan B?
Plan B (Levonorgestrel) contraceptive packet includes two tablets, each tablet is 0.75 mg.

Plan B Dose:
1. The first tablet must be taken orally as soon as possible within 3 days or 72 hours after the unprotected intercourse to get maximum effectiveness (95%).

Take the second tablet 12 hours after the first. Sooner is better because if you take first pills after 72 hours, it will lose the effectiveness but still be significant.

It may not be effective if you are already pregnant. Some women may have their period earlier or later than their normal menstrual cycle. If it is delayed more than a week, you may be pregnant. Plan B contraceptive pills do not protect sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or HIV/AIDS

Advantages of using Plan B Pill :

- Plan B morning after pill or emergency contraceptive pill is more effective in avoiding unwanted pregnancy as soon as unprotected intercourse occurred. It is best effective as soon as it is taken after the unprotected intercourse occurred. Sooner is better. It is still effective if taken under 72 hours, however, its effectiveness in avoiding pregnancy will be 89% otherwise reported to be 99%
- Plan B birth control pill does not effect future fertility.
- Plan B can be taken ahead of time.
- Plan B can not be the substitute for regular birth control pill. It is the FDA-approved infrequent emergency protection.
- It will also be helpful if you made a mistake with your regular method i.e you missed 2 or more birth control pills this month.
- Plan B is an approved over-the-counter option for women 18 years and older.

Plan B Pill – FAQs
1. How Plan B emergency contraceptive could be effective in avoiding pregnancy. Plan B is very effective in avoiding pregnancy as much as 95% It should be taken as soon as the unprotected sex has occurred. Its effectiveness after unprotected sex can be judged as below.

- 95% effective if taken within 24 hours
- 85% effective if taken between 24 to 48 hours
- 58% effective between 49 to 72 hours

In case, more than 72 hours have passed of unprotected sex then it is highly recommended to use the IUD (intrauterine device) after consulting with your physician because after 72 hours, your contraceptive pills might be failed. IUDs are reported to be nearly 100% effective in avoiding unintended pregnancy.

2. Is Plan B safe to take as contraceptive pills?
Yes. Plan B is the only FDA-approved emergency contraceptive pill, which is available OTC (over-the-counter) without prescription for women 18 years and above. Since it is approved in February, 2000, thousands of women are now relying on Plan B Pill for their oral contraceptive requirements.

3. Could Plan B Pill be taken regularly?
Plan B Pill are designed for emergencies. It can be taken more than once if you feel unsafe of single dose; however, Plan B should never be replaced as regular birth control medicine. It is designed to consider single pregnancy protection. If it is taken more than once quite often, the rate of cumulative pregnancy will be higher. Plan B is not meant for long term protection against pregnancy. Plan B will not be recommended if you are sexually active and you need oral contraceptive pills quite often.

4. Please advise me when Plan B Pill might not work for me?
Plan B might not work for you under few conditions:
- if you are already pregnant.
- if you have next unprotected sex in the same menstrual cycle after taking Plan B dose.
- if you are on some other pills for treatment. In that case, Plan B effectiveness will be lesser.
- if you vomit within an hour after taking Plan B dose. Please consult doctor immediately.

5. How Plan B Pill will effect my periods?
Plan B pills do not effect on your monthly cycle because these pills are not the substitute for regular birth control medicines. Your periods should occur as usual

6 - Why age restriction for Plan B Pill? Age-restriction of 18 years is imposed by FDA, which was 16 years earlier. This has made easier for pharmacists to implement them and avoid risk-taking factor among adults and teenagers.

You can also read more about Plan B Pills FAQs here.

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Plan B Pill for public use :

Plan B pill was approved by FDA on several occasions. The sneak preview is as below.

1. July 28, 1999 - FDA approved the first prescription progestin-only Plan B emergency contraceptive, which was based on two 750 µg levonorgestrel pills.

2. August 24, 2006 – FDA approved behind-the-counter non-prescription mediation access for women 18 years and above to be supplied by licensed pharmacists.

FDA instructed prescription-only Plan B birth control pills should be available for women 17 years old and younger.

3. November 6, 2006 – Duramed Pharaceutials (the Barr Pharmaceuticals subsidiary) started distribution for dual-label Plan B OTC/Rx from mid-November 2006 shipment.

Plan B (Levonorgestrel) Contraceptive Side Effects :
Plan B is FDA-approved emergency contraceptive pill and safe for women’s use. However, Plan B may cause some minor or serious side effects which will need immediate medical attentions. Some casual side effects might be experienced like nausea, stomach pain, dizziness or fainting spell, breast symptoms, fatigue, headaches, which are quiet similar to non-serious side effects of other birth control pills.

However, if you should vomit within one hour of taking Plan B pill then you must consult your healthcare professional or doctor immediately prior to continue the dose.

Some serious side effects of Plan B could be vomiting, diarrhea, menstrual bleeding heavier or lighter, severe abdominal pain, severe headache. If you experience some other side effects not mentioned here, please do consult your healthcare professional or doctor immediately. Do not use or stop using Plan B immediately if you have undiagnosed vaginal bleeding or are allergic to levonorgestrel or any of the ingredients in Plan B

Plan B (Levonorgestrel) drug interaction :
Before taking Plan B (Levonorgestrel) emergency contraceptive pills, please consult your doctor an inform him or her the types of medical treatment you have taken so far including non-prescription medicines, nutritional supplements or herbal products. When Plan B is taken with other medicines, its effectiveness may be reduced considerably. Notify your doctor specially if you are taking the following

Barbiturates such as Amytal and Nembutal, among others
Carbamazepine (Tegretol)
Phenytoin (Dilantin)
Rifampin (Rifadin, Rimactane)

Please also tell your doctor if you are suffering from high blood pressure, angina, or heart disease; have had a heart stroke; have a bleeding or blood-clotting disorder; have breast, uterine, or another hormone-related cancer; liver disease; if undiagnosed, abnormal vaginal bleeding; have migraines or severe, recurrent headaches; have diabetes; or smoke. Please do not hide from your doctor if you are smoker, drinker or have been taking drugs. Your doctor will review your case history and then advise you if using Plan B is suitable for you.

Plan B is not recommended to use if you are pregnant. It will not work. It is worth noticing here that Plan B is morning after pill and not abortion pill. Plan B passes through the breast milk. The hormone progestin do not appear to be harmful to baby, however it is advisable to take your doctor’s advice before taking Plan B if you are breast-feeding mother.

Drug Interactions with Plan B Birth Control :
Before using Plan B birth control, please inform your doctor if you are taking any pills including antibiotics or herbal products. Some of the drugs like antifungals, anticonvulsants and such other drugs may increase the metabolism of contraceptive steroids. This could suppress the effectiveness of birth control, increase side-effects, unintended pregnancies, break-through or bleeding. Several anti-HIV drugs may interact with metabolism of combined birth control pills and increase or decrease the estrogen and progestin hormones levels and cause serious side-effects and effectiveness of Plan B birth control. Herbal medicines and products containing St. John's Wort may aggregate hepatic enzymes (cytochrome P450) and p-glycoprotein transporter affecting the effectiveness of contraceptive steroids.


  • Store Plan B Pill at normal room temperature between 20-25°C (68-77°F). which are the most ideal temperature for storing pills.
  • Excursion limit for is between 15 to 30 degree C (i.e between 59 to 86 degrees F)
  • Keep them away from the direct sunlight, excess heat
  • Don't keep in bathroom and avoid moisture
  • Keep them out of reach of the children.
  • Throw away unused and expired medicines immediately

Please read about Plan B Emergency Contraceptive methods

. is designed for educational and informational purpose. You cannot use this information as a substitute for the medical advice provided by your medical practitioner or other health care professional. We encourage you to read all the information of product. If you are suffering from any illness or disease or health problem, immediately contact your physician. Do not use the information mentioned in for diagnosing or treating a medical problem or disease as results and side effects may vary among users.