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Ortho evra is the only birth control patch that is approved by FDA. It has all qualities of birth control pills but yet very convenient for active women who might miss to take their daily pills otherwise. Its discreet and stays put, bathe, swim or sweat. This contraceptive patch looks very similar to square band-aid of skin color. It is normally worn on lower abdomen, buttocks, upper arms or upper torso.

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How to use Ortho evra birth control patch?
Like birth control pills, Ortho evra birth control patches also come for 21 days or three weeks cycle. It is generally applied to the upper outside arm, abdomen, thigh or buttocks. You should use within 24 hours of the first day of your period and it will be considered as "Patch Change Day".If it is not used within 24 hours then you must take other precautionary contraceptive methods like condoms, spermicide or diaphragm. You will continue to use Ortho evra patch for total 21 days or three weeks. On fourth week or 7 days, you will remove the patch and your menstrual period should start during these days.

How to wear Ortho Evra patch?
Clean the part of the skin where you decide to apply ortho evra patch. Once it is dry, put the patch on it and firmly press down for 10-15 seconds so that patch sticks to. Check the edges of the patch stick properly by applying fingers around. Please check every day that patch is adhered to the skin.

If it is not sticky and you are not sure, remove it and replace with the new one. Keep the additional ortho evra patches in stock so that you do not miss the 4-week cycle.

It is effective in the next cycle. Start using the contraceptive patch within five days of the first day of period or after a first trimester abortion. If it is used on the first day of menstrual period or on the day of abortion, it will be very effective. Most women use patch on the first Sunday after their period begins, however, start date for using birth control patch is not important as long as you are not pregnant.

Use one patch per week for consecutively three weeks. On the fourth week, stop to worn and your menstrual period should start. Seven days after the removal of patch (while you had menstrual period), a new patch can be used for next month birth control. A gap of one week without patch is important to help period occur. The patch should not be used continuously and it should be stopped for one week when period starts. When it comes to dispose off, remove it gently, fold it to half where the sticky part is and throw into dry garbage. Don't throw in the toilet as it will save left-over hormones being released into environment again. Use some mineral oil to remove any sticky spot on your skin.

How Ortho evra birth control patch works?
Ortho evra birth control patches slowly release hormones progestin and estrogen into the bloodstream to prevent ovulation (release of an egg from the ovary) and thicken the cervical mucus that creates the barrier to prevent sperm from entering the uterus. Ortho evra birth control patches are also very effective in preventing pregnancy for upto 99% except for women who weigh 198 pounds or more, where it would be 92% effective. So, while using birth control patches, it is important to take note of body weight. The patch does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases or even HIV/AIDS

What to do if you miss to use Ortho evra patch?
It is advisable not to forget to start using the Ortho evra birth control patch on the first day your period starts. If you miss it anyway, please consult your physician or doctor immediately who will guide you how promptly you can apply it because as long as you are not applying birth control patch, you are increasing the chances of pregnancy. Instruction from physician or doctor may vary depending upon women’s health. In some cases, it may be advised to apply patch immediately or may be advised to use from next period cycle. Physician’s or doctor’s instruction is also necessary if the patch fell off the skin and later you notice it.

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Please also read th article on how to use ortho evra patch effectively? for better understanding with birth control patch.



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Ortho evra birth control side effects :
Serious as well as minor side effects have been reported while using Ortho evra birth control patches. These minor side effects are breakthrough bleeding, breast symptoms, nausea, headache, upper respiratory infection, menstrual cramps, unusual discharge or milk production, mood changes, mild stomach upset, skin rash or skin irritation, increased sensitivity, acne or brown spots, tiredness or weight gains. Some of these common or minor side effects may occur initially but they gradually disappear with the continuation and body becomes accustomed of the patch.

Besides, some serious side effects have also been reported. Women having the smoking habits and specially over 35 years of age, may tend to higher risk of serious cardiovascular or heart problems and even heart attacks and heart strokes. These are extremely life-threatening health risks. You are strictly advised not to smoke if you are using Ortho evra birth control patches.

Some women are also strictly not advised to use Ortho evra birth control patches are those who have the history of heart diseases, blood clots, certain cancers as well as who are or may be pregnant.

Other serious side effects of using patches are severe abdominal pains, severe chest pains, sudden short breathing, severe headache, blurred vision or severe leg & arm pains, sudden loss of coordination, swelling of hands, feet or ankles, cough up blood, dizziness or fainting spells, rapid weight gains, speech problems, weakness or numbness in the arm or leg of one side of body. In such cases, please take medical attention immediately.

Ortho evra drug Interactions :
Before using Ortho evra birth control patch, please consult your doctor and inform him what types of medical treatment you have taken so far including non-prescription medicines, nutritional supplements or herbal products. This may affect the working of Ortho evra patches. This may include antibiotics, caffeine, barbiturates, modafinil, carbamezapine, clofibrate, dantrolene, oxcarbaepine, hydrocortisone, treatment for depression or sleep (i.e. temazepamm, diazepam), medication for diabetes, prednisolone, cyclosporine, mineral oil, phenytoin, grapefruit juice, HIV treatment drugs, soy isoflavones, St Johns herbal wort, raloxifene, tamoxifen, selegline, theophylline, topiramate, and warfarin. Please also do not hide from your doctor if you are smoker, drinker or have been taking drugs. Your doctor will review your case history and then advise you if using Ortho evra is suitable for you.

Ortho Evra Patch - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)?

1. How to use Ortho Evra Patch?
Ortho evra patch is worn on typically for parts of the body viz abdomen, buttock, on arm (upper or outer side) and upper torso (front and back but certainly not on the breasts). Please do not wear the patch on any other parts of the body.

Do not wear the patch on the part of the body where you apply or use creams, lotions etc. Also, do not put the patch on the skin which is cut, irritated, inflamed or giving any burning sensation.

2. What should I do if the Ortho Evra patch is loosened or partially lifts off of the skin or it falls off?
Ortho evra is made with skin-friendly sticky patch fits to the skin. However, for some reason, if it is coming off the skin or falls off, please take following steps

a) if it has happened within 24 hours you wore the patch, try to stick it the same patch and make sure it should not falls off again. However, if it is not sticky then remove the patch and use the fresh patch on the other part of the body where it can stick and hold on the skin tightly. You do not need back-up birth control methods (like condoms, spermicide or diaphragm). Your "Patch Change Day" will not be changed.

b) if it happens after 24 hours you first wore the patch or it happens after couple of days or you do not remember the exact days, remove the patch. Start the new 4-week cycle by applying the new patch. Now, your Day 1 will start from now onwards and "Patch Change Day" will also be changed.

You will need to use back-up birth control methods (like condoms, spermicide or diaphragm) during the entire first week of use of Ortho Evra patch if you have intercourse or else, your chances of getting pregnant will be high.

3. Is Ortho Evra wearable while taking bath, shower or swimming?
Yes, very much. As long as the patch is stick with the skin, it does not get spoiled from the water on top. You can continue to do your daily activities including bathing, swimming or any other activities. However, if you notice that sticky part of the patch is wet and it is coming off, please replace with the fresh patch. is designed for educational and informational purpose. You cannot use this information as a substitute for the medical advice provided by your medical practitioner or other health care professional. We encourage you to read all the information of product. If you are suffering from any illness or disease or health problem, immediately contact your physician. Do not use the information mentioned in for diagnosing or treating a medical problem or disease as results and side effects may vary among users.