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Micronor is low dose norethindrone progestine-only pill, often known as the "mini-pill" designed to prevent from unwanted pregnancy. It does not contain estrogen and hence, it is the most prescribed birth control pill for breast-feeding mothers and women who are allergic to estrogen. Micronor is the best "mini-pill" in protection against unintended pregnancy if taken as directed. Micrnor does not, however, protect against HIV infection or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

(A) from U.S. Pharmacy

0.35 mg
28 day pack
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28 Tablets
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(B) from Canadian Pharmacy :
YES, we can mail medications to U.S. locations.
Customs has the discretionary power to allow a 90-day supply with a 90-day refill.
There are no restrictions on the number of prescriptions:

0.35 mg
28 day pack
  84 Tablets or
3 boxex
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Shippng Information :
Usually, it is US$9.95 per patient for an unlimited number of prescriptions (Cold pack items are $15.95 US)

How Micronor birth control pill works?
Micronor (norethindrone 0.35 mg) works by preventing ovulation i.e releasing of mature eggs to be fertilized. It also thickens the cervical mucus thus stopping sperm to swim into uterus and the endometrium (suppresses the chances of implantation). Thus, it stops pregnancy to occur. It could be 87% to 99.7% effective which is slightly lesser than regular combined (progestin/estrogen) contraceptives.

How to take Micronor birth control pills?
Micronor pills comes in the pack of 28 pills i.e 28 days pills cycle. It has 28 active pills. Take 1 pill every day as prescribed at the same time not later than 24 hours between each pill dose. Usually women prefer to take after evening meal or before going to bed so to have either less or no side effects like headache, nausea etc. Unlike the regular combined contraceptives, even the late consumption of Micronor progestin-only pills may affect the effectiveness of the pill.

You may start from the first Sunday when your periods start, however, you will be required to use back-up birth control methods like condoms, spermicides or diaphragm for next 7 days at least in case you are planning to have intercourse.

Start new pack on the next day immediately without missing any day once the first pack is over even if the bleeding continues or feel sick in stomach (known as nausea). Do not skip days even if you are not sexually active. Its effectiveness in preventing pregnancy is very much depended upon taking regular doses on time.

What to do if you miss to take Micronor birth control pills?
Micronor birth control pills are meant for daily dosage as prescribed by your doctor. However, should you miss to take pills, please take necessary steps as mentioned below.

A) If you are delayed by 3 hours or later
- Take it as soon as you remember.
- Take another tablet as scheduled. In that case, you will be taking 2 pills in one day.
- You need backup birth control methods like condoms, spermicides or diaphragm for next 48 hours at least in case you are planning to have intercourse.

B) If you miss to take 1 active pill
- Take it as soon as you remember.
- Take another tablet as scheduled. In that case, you will be taking 2 pills in one day.
- You need backup birth control methods like condoms, spermicides or diaphragm for next 2 weeks at least in case you are planning to have intercourse.

C) If you miss to take 2 active pills
- Take 2 pills when you remember on the day and two pills in the next day.
- Continue to take one pill day onwards as prescribed.
- Your chances of becoming pregnant will be high in this case if you have sex within 2 weeks after you missed your dose. You will be required to use back-up birth control methods (such as condoms, spermicides or diaphragm) for these crucial 14 days.

D) If you miss to take 3 active pills
1. You do not need to take missed doses
2. Your chances of becoming pregnant will be high in case you have intercourse. You need to have back-up birth control methods (such as condoms, spermicides or diaphragm) until you seek medical help.
3. Contact doctor or healthcare provider to get further instruction if to continue taking pills.

You should never take more than 2 pills in a day.

Fill your prescriptions early atleast a week advance so that you never miss the pills.

What to do if you don't get period while taking Micronor pill?
If you had missed doses many times, had not used backup birth control methods and had unprotected sex then chances are, you might not get period in the last week of the month (as it should be for women taking pills regularly). You may be pregnant now. Please consult your doctor or healthcare professional.

Overdose with Micronor pills?
No serious side-effects have been reported with overdose of Micronor pills in young women, however, overdosage may cause nausea and withdrawal bleeding in some women. If it occurs, please consult your doctor or health provider.

Special Instruction for breast-feeding mother:

1. For partially breast-feeding mother (your baby is not fully dependent upon mother's milk) If you are giving your baby some food or formula besides breast-feeded milk then you may start taking Micronor pills 3 weeks after the delivery.

2. For fully breast-feeding mother (your baby is fully dependent upon mother's milk) In that case, you should start taking Micronor pills 6 weeks after the delivery.

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Advantages of Micronor birth control pills :
Use of Micronor pills will provide following benefits

- Micronor helps in regularizing the menstrual cycles. You get more regular, lighter and shorter periods. Due to this, you will not suffer anemia or iron deficiency

- It is easy to use
- Do not contain estrogen so no side effects or allergic symptoms to suffer.
- Progestin-only pills are the only pills advised to breast-feeding mothers to avoid unwanted pregnancy.
- Does not affect future fertility. It is easily reversible
- Does not affect sexual appetite.
- Though not recommended but women who are 35 years of age and smoke can opt for progestin-only birth control pill because it does not contain estrogen, however, doctor or healthcare provider's instruction is highly recommended.

Risk & Side Effects - Micronor Birth Control Pills
Micronor birth control pills have been found to be very safe by women. However, few side effects and risk can not be ignored. You may experience side effects if you suffer from any of the following diseases or medical symptoms :

- if you are diabetic or high cholesterol
- if you or your family has the history of breast cancer
- if you are obese more than average
- if you suffer from any breast related diseases like breast nodules, an abnormal mammogram, an abnormal breast x-ray etc. In such cases, please consult your doctor before deciding to go for Micronor birth control pills.
- if you are suffering from any vaginal diseases like unexplained vaginal bleeding, vaginal irritation
- have or had heart diseases like heart stroke, breast-cancer, sex-organs
- if you are suffering from severe fever like jaundice, malignant or benign liver tumors
- if you have prolonged medical history and you are on medication for other treatments.

You may suffer side effects like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, breast tenderness, weight gain, acne, water retention, change of skin color, stomach cramps, changes in menstrual cycle, difficulty to wear contact lenses, mood change. Other minor side effects reported are intermenstrual bleeding, menorrhagia, weight gain, and acne. These side effects are temporary and may go once your body adjusts to the consumption of pills in few days.

Other side effects with Micron "mini-pill' :
- It may increase the risk for functional ovarian cysts.
- Risk for ectopic pregnancy is high
- Progestin-only pills cause irregular bleeding

Drug-Drug Interactions with Micronor Birth Control Pills :

Before using Micronor birth control, please inform your doctor if you are taking any pills including antibiotics or herbal products. Some of the drugs like antifungals, anticonvulsants and such other drugs may increase the metabolism of contraceptive steroids. This could suppress the effectiveness of birth control, increase side-effects, unintended pregnancies, break-through or bleeding. Several anti-HIV drugs may interact with metabolism of combined birth control pills and increase or decrease the estrogen and progestin hormones levels and cause serious side-effects and effectiveness of Micronor birth control. Herbal medicines and products containing St. John's Wort may aggregate hepatic enzymes (cytochrome P450) and p-glycoprotein transporter affecting the effectiveness of contraceptive steroids.

If you are switching from combined pills to progestin-only pills

1. If you have been taking 21 days combined pills regimen, switch to Micronor progestin-only pills the next day once you finish the 21 days combined pills.

2. If you were on 28 days combined pills regimen, do not take 7 inactive pills. Your period must start within 2-3 days, which are actually withdrawal bleeding. Start taking Micronor progestin-only pill from the first day your period starts.


  • Store Micronor birth control pills at normal room temperature between 20-25C (68-77F). which are the most ideal temperature for storing pills.
  • Excursion limit is between 15 to 30C (i.e between 59-86F)
  • Micronor pills come in the dispenser. Keep it tightly closed.
  • Keep them away from the direct sunlight, excess heat
  • Don't keep in bathroom and avoid moisture
  • Keep them out of reach of the children.
  • Throw away unused and expired medicines immediately
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